The Vice Chancellor’s Office serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the university where all matters pertaining administration are centralized to ensure the management of the university are systematic and efficient. The Office also carries out duties that are provided by the Constitution, Statutes, Acts, Rules and Regulations of the Government.


Other functions of the Office are:


  • To ensure the academic, management and administration objectives of the University are achieved as well as preparing short and long term plans,


  • To develop and coordinate the programs and administration of the University in accordance with its given provisions, and to submit plans and information activities of the University to the University’s Top Management.


  • To coordinate official visits to the UniMAP and visits abroad.


  • To carry out the functions of the university’s executive meeting and administration of the university.


  • To coordinate administrative affairs between departments and schools with University’s Top Management as well as to control and coordinate all activities of the Departments /Schools.


To establish good relationships with local and international universities and ensure that each department / school duties are carried out as provided by the Constitution, Statutes, Acts and Rules and Regulations of the University. 

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