ARAU, 26 March – 193 employees of Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) were bestowed awards at the Seri Gemilang Awards 2018 Ceremony which was held at the Kangar PDRM Senior Officers Mess Hall recently.

There are 129 recipients of Excellent Service Awards, 54 recipients of Excellent Service Award (Special) and 10 recipients of the Special Appreciation Awards.

UniMAP Vice Chancellor Dato’ Prof Dr Zul Azhar Zahid Jamal said that they had underwent many bitter-sweet experiences together in the 17 years after UniMAP's establishment.

"Undoubtedly, all UniMAP staff toiled hard to uphold the name of this institution."

"The awards given today cannot be compared to the services that have been given," he said while delivering a welcoming speech at the event.

He added that there are more to be done as it is still a long way to go to UniMAP 2025, and the journey will require the hard work of the UniMAP community from all aspects of the service.

"Strengthen your efforts and devotion. Indeed, without all of you, the path in the future will definitely be more challenging."

Raja Muda Perlis Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Jamalullail who is also the UniMAP Chancellor and Raja Puan Muda Perlis Tuanku Hajah Lailatul Shahreen Akashah Khalil who is the UniMAP Pro Chancellor also attended the ceremony.

Also present were the Chief Minister of Perlis Datuk Seri Azlan Man and Chairman of the UniMAP Board of Directors Datuk Prof Emeritus Dr. Kamarudin Hussin.


193 Kakitangan UniMAP Terima ASG 2018


193 Kakitangan UniMAP Terima ASG 2018

193 Kakitangan UniMAP Terima ASG 2018


12 APRIL – More than 40 student leaders from the Malaysian Technical University Network (MTUN) gathered and camped out to participate in the Kembara Ilmu held at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) recently.

The five-day programme was packed with discussions about the direction of the MTUN Universities towards the Student Union and the contribution of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and MTUN to the industry.

According to the Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) Student Council  Digital and Publicity Executive Committee Member Muhamad Zikry Mohd Zulkaflee, they discussed the recommended policies and framework that have been established by each MTUN university to strengthen the student organisational structure.

"After detailed discussions, we agreed that the Student Union will be a platform for students to maturely administrate the organisation without any interference from the university.

"In fact, the administrative structure of the Student Unions at MTUN universities will be different from other public universities," he said when contacted.

He added that the Student Union should be the primary source for ensuring  administration transparency, integrity and professionalism in managing finance and student welfare programmes and activities.

"We also agree that the Student Union can be run in accordance to the prescribed work procedures which would involve nine Executive Committee members, each with a different scope of work.

"Those who are appointed must undergo various training so that they could manage the administration, finance, welfare and infrastructure of students wisely," he said.

He also added that besides the forum, they also held a thorough discussion on the contribution of TVET and MTUN to the industry.

"Although a lot of input had beenacquired, but due to lack of time, the programme objectives could not be fully realised.

"However, I am confident that this discussion will be continued at the UniMAP student camp from 12th April to 14th April 2019, so that more input from various perspectives can be obtained to improve the existing system," he added.

Besides the 26 participants from UniMAP, the Kembara Ilmu was also attended by two other MTUN universities, namely Universiti Tun Hussien Onn (UTHM) with eight students and UTeM with 15 students.


40 Pemimpin Mahasiswa MTUN Berkampung di Kembara Ilmu

40 Pemimpin Mahasiswa MTUN Berkampung di Kembara Ilmu

40 Pemimpin Mahasiswa MTUN Berkampung di Kembara Ilmu

40 Pemimpin Mahasiswa MTUN Berkampung di Kembara Ilmu

40 Pemimpin Mahasiswa MTUN Berkampung di Kembara Ilmu

40 Pemimpin Mahasiswa MTUN Berkampung di Kembara Ilmu

40 Pemimpin Mahasiswa MTUN Berkampung di Kembara Ilmu

40 Pemimpin Mahasiswa MTUN Berkampung di Kembara Ilmu

40 Pemimpin Mahasiswa MTUN Berkampung di Kembara Ilmu

40 Pemimpin Mahasiswa MTUN Berkampung di Kembara Ilmu

40 Pemimpin Mahasiswa MTUN Berkampung di Kembara Ilmu

ARAU, 28 March – Despite having just recovered from a knee injury, Mohammad Firdaus Jamen or Hulk Malaysia proved that his mettle is unbeatable by winning Brunei’s Strongest Man and Woman event at Harun's Gym and Fitness Centre, Hassanal Bolkiah Stadium recently.

He managed to bring home a medal, a RM3000 cash prize and a certificate of participation beating four other participants in the Men's Open category.

Mohammad Firdaus, 25, who underwent a surgery to repair a torn patellar tendon ten months ago was victorious in six out of the seven routines arranged by the organizer.

The Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) employee said that every participant had to go through the seven routines and one special routine to complete this competition.

“I managed to win several routines: flipping a 450-kilogramme tyre five times in the fastest time, carrying a 280-kilogramme load on the shoulders in the fastest time, lifting weights over the head weighing 90 kilogrammes with the most repetitions in 60 seconds (won with seven repetitions).

“In fact, I also managed to lift a 100-kilogramme rock on the shoulders with the most repetitions in 90 seconds (getting third place with one repetition) and a special routine of lifting a 110 kilogrammes’ river stone on the shoulder where I was the only one who was able to lift the stone," he said.

According to him, he also won a weight lifting routine weighing 180 kilogrammes with the most repetitions in 60 seconds (won with 15 repetitions), pulling 2 tonne lorry in a 15-metre distance by using only hand (won with farthest distance) and lifting a Ford Ranger truck with the most repetitions in 60 seconds (won with 10 repetitions).

"Indeed the Brunei Strongest Man And Woman 2019 event challenges us physically and mentally as there were three brand-new routines and the majority of athletes have never tried it before.

“If they unprepared, athletes will most likely fail to complete them,” he said.

In addition to Men's Open category, there are two other categories in the competition namely Men's Youth Under 21, and Women's Open with a total of 16 entries.

Muhammad Firdaus is also expected to join the World Natural Strongest Man Championship 2019 in Budapest, Hungary in May 2019 which will be attended by participants from 26 countries.


Firdaus ‘Hulk’ Malaysia Johan Brunei Strongest Man and Women 2019


Firdaus ‘Hulk’ Malaysia Johan Brunei Strongest Man and Women 2019


Firdaus ‘Hulk’ Malaysia Johan Brunei Strongest Man and Women 2019

Firdaus ‘Hulk’ Malaysia Johan Brunei Strongest Man and Women 2019

Pauh Putra, 28 May – In the midst of joy preparing for the coming Aidilfitri celebrations next week, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) also gave a helping hand to the children of former staff members who had passed away.

Hence, during the university's Festival Nasyid 2019 (FESNAS 2019) contest that was held at Dewan Kecemerlangan, UniMAP Pauh Putra campus, 11 young orphans were each bestowed RM150 in cash to help lighten the burdens of their families.

These contributions were the outcome of the Jom Infaq Ramadan 1440H programme organised by the UniMAP Islamic Centre and contributed by the UniMAP community through either online methods or the UniMAP Surau fund box.

Two of the orphans, Adam Harith, 5, and his sibling Medina Az Zahra, 2, were the children of the former UniMAP Development Department staff member Zamzuri Zain who passed away last August.

Their mother Nurhafiza Halim, 32, said that the UniMAP donations afforded her a respite because the children's Aidilfitri purchases have not been done yet.

“This donation means a lot to my children and I because I do not have a fixed income. Thank you, UniMAP, for your diligence even though their father is no longer with us,” she said.

The donation was given by UniMAP Vice Chancellor Prof Ir Ts Dr Badlishah Ahmad and witnessed by Deputy Vice Chancellor of Innovation and Research Prof Dr Uda Hashim, tops executives and the heads of university departments.

Earlier, the nasyid group Al-Munawwar from the Centre for International Languages (CIL) became the champions of the FESNAS 2019 which was organised by the Faculty of Engineering Technology (FTK), Cultural and Recreation Unit (UKR) and the Islamic Centre. Al-Munawwar sang the theme song from the animated feature film Frozen whose lyrics had been adapted to feature spirituality in Bahasa Melayu.

Al-Munawwar was able to take home a cash prize of RM1,500, a trophy, a hamper sponsored by Rass Design and certificates.

The group which was spearheaded by its Dean, Dr Sharmini Abdullah, and helmed by team leader Madam Siti Farah Syazana Mohamed Yusoff, also grabbed the Best Performance Award with a cash prize of RM500.

The first runner up position went to the group Innovoice from the School of Human Development and Technocommunication (iKOM) and the second runner up was the group An-nisa’ from UniMAP Holdings while the Best Costume Award went to the group Al-Muhibbah from the School of Material Engineering.

Meanwhile, Prof Badlishah said that the nasyid contest was not organised for groups to merely win, but also as a medium to preach through shariah-compliant entertainment.

He remarked that nasyid allows participants and the university community to deliberate the foibles of life while being self-reflective during the holy month.

“The creativity in adapting the lyrics of the latest popular songs can be an effective and positive preaching strategy,” he said during his speech at the festival.

11 UniMAP schools and departments took part in the annual event that featured the theme “Melodies In Creativity”.

"Keadilan bukanlah beerti memberi hak sama rata sebaliknya meletakkan sesuatu hak di tempat yang sepatutnya" - Prof Ir Ts Dr R Badlishah Ahmad

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