KANGAR: Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) today unveiled the research aspect of its citizens through the announcement of the UniMAP 2020 Post-Covid-19 Research Stimulus Package involving over RM1 million in total funding.

In the announcement, which was broadcast live via the university's official Facebook page, UniMAP Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ir. No. Dr. R Badlishah Ahmad said a total of 11 research initiatives were designed to enhance UniMAP's performance in the field of research.

“In the situation of the country and the world as a whole affected by the issue of Covid-19, various planning and research activities were disrupted, especially involving physical movements including organizing conferences and participation in research exhibitions.

"Thus, in light of all the constraints and concerns, I, together with the Research Management Center (RMC) of UniMAP, have agreed to create a fund-raising incentive to enable researchers to continue their research and journal publishing activities under new norms," ​​he said.

Commenting further, Prof. R Badlishah said that what UniMAP has to offer is not a luxury but as a result of the findings, the feedback from the workshop organizers and the inputs provided by the researchers themselves will be distributed fairly to all academic posts.

According to him, UniMAP Fundamental Grants is allocated a maximum of RM200,000 which will provide the opportunity for lecturers to apply for grants to carry out 25 research projects, five of which are Science and Technology projects and 20 Social Science projects.

He said another initiative that received an allocation of RM200,000 was through a Material Research Grant, a special grant for the purchase of research materials including special consumables for research groups at 10 schools or faculty.

He added that the other two major fundraising initiatives were the UniMAP Conference Proceedings Fund initiative of RM188,050 and the RM108,000 Internal Pascadoctoral Fund initiative.

According to Prof. R Badlishah, to encourage commercialization activities, UniMAP also provides special Pre-Commercialization Grants to researchers who have patented products or any related intellectual property.

"It is widely known that UniMAP is a university based in engineering, but to accelerate its activities and increase research output in the social sciences and applied sciences (Mathematics), a new Center for Research Excellence (COE) has been created, COE Social Innovation and Sustainability brings the number of COEs available at UniMAP is now 10.